February 10, 2012

Richard Armitage:Ebay Link to Many Faces of RA Quilt Auction + Listen to Rupert P Jones Reading + Narrates The Great Sperm Race(seems especially appropriate for Valentines Week:)

In part II of Richard Armitage's narration of The Great Sperm Race,  we hear our vaginas described as an "awe-inspiring place."  That's no surprise to us, of course. *winks* We also learn that the millions of sperm have only a 30min window of opportunity.  This documentary really gives us a new found respect for the almost miracle that occurred when we ourselves or our child/children were conceived.  After listening to The Great Sperm Race, Mothers Day this year will feel all the more special...

BBC radio: Listen to Rupert Penry Jones read Ep 1 of Europe in The Looking Glass..

Charitable auction for hand-made RA quilt is now active on Ebay.  Payment only by cheque - or a check if you're in the USA *winks*

Among RA characters, John Thornton has to be the winner of the title:  Lady Killer.  For past 3years, I've often voiced the opinion he continues to conquer the world - one woman at a time.
More recent conquests.  Quote from the web mistress:
"I have a little secret for all you Downton Abbey fanatics. Stop what you are doing right now (well, first finish reading this list) and add North & South (the one with the ampersand, not the one starring Patrick Swayze) to your Instant Queue. This 2004 BBC adaptation of the Elizabeth Gaskell novel by the same name is the ultimate in dizzy-spell inducing romances. The star-crossed lovers Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe) and John Thornton (Richard Armitage) meet-smoldery at Thornton’s factory and spend four hours battling their personal feelings and inner demons. This is some delicious period acting, my friends. I’m fanning myself just thinking about it, honestly.
Well, as you can imagine with all this smolder and emotional control it certainly comes as a surprise to Margaret (not us though, we’ve been taking bets!) when Thornton proposes marriage halfway through the film. She refuses him in the most brutal way, choosing to point out his flaws and inconsideration to the workers in his own factory. He falters, almost begging for Margaret to listen to reason, but finally takes one final look at her with sad, puppy eyes and walks away. Taking with him every viewer’s held breath. Oh Thornton, you are just too heartbreaking for your own good."

NZ Dominion Post didn't add a Tourist Warning to this hilarious article, however you would be wise to avoid that country when they're partaking of something called the sevens? might be soccer related? Had to chuckle at the reporters tongue-in-cheek writing style:


Variety is not only the spice of our real lives but also when being entertained.  With that in mind, here's another new movie to look forward to with great anticipation - 'Anna Karenina'


  1. RiCrAr,

    Your comments about male strippers made me think of a British film called "The Full Monty" which is an absolutely hilarious film. It's about unemployed men deciding to earn money by stripping.

    Here's a trailer for the film courtesy of YouTube:


    Now which role in this film would Richard do best if there were a remake?

  2. Happy Sun Sue, was going to add morning but remembered it's around dinner time over there.

    The new stripper film is also a comedy - sounds hilarious as well. I've heard that title 'The Full Monty' but have never seen the film. Will take a look at youtube.

    Now you've posed a delicious question re which role in the new film would be a good fit for Richard. In that article they mention each male 'exotic dancer':) has a costume theme. Fireman, cowboy, doctor, etc - ooh, he does have experience with that last one - dear dr Alec from The Golden Hour.

    Your RA role query has triggered unsettling mental images of Richard in all the roles:) teehee
    Perhaps this is another idea of yours that could evolve into a juicy poll. hmmmm *going to enjoy thinking about it for awhile* *chuckles* This long drought has made all of us RAvenous.*winks*